Sheet Bending

BM x06A

The universal - fully-automatic bending and edging machine for sheet thicknesses from 3 up to 30 mm


  • Microprocessor control and motor feed, for fully automated bending, including:
    – electronic angle adjustment
    – electronic bending line input
    – electronic bending line correction
    – Programming several bends (max. 4 with unequal leg lengths between the bends and up to 12 for bends with equal legs)
    – motorised panel transport
  • Heating and bending times controlled by the PLC
  • Patented hydro-pneumatic bending beam drive that moves the bending beam uniformly, even with altered bending loads.
  • Clamping beam that can be unlocked on one side for the easier removal of the closed channels and geometries
  • Upper heated tool v-shaped with optimised flank angle to produce 90° bends in PE-HD and PP
  • Lower heated tool in flat design to heat up the rear of the panel or board
  • Adjustable fusion depth for upper heated tool
  • Holding bar with clamping disks to clamp the panels or boards
  • Infinitely variable, adjustment of the angle from 5° to 95°

Range of Application:

Manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers, manufacture of plastic apparatus, ventilation systems, water treatment systems, scrubbers, environmental technology, swimming pools, transport and logistics


  • Vacuum clamping device (max. material thickness 10 mm) for the smallest of bending legs
  • Remaining clamping length reduction (reduces the remaining clamping length to 85 mm; only available in connection with vacuum clamping device)
  • Milling fixture, automatic and integrated in the overall process, to shorten the pre-heat cycles (requires slight modification of the minimum channel cross-sections and leg lengths)
  • Mobile shavings exhauster for the milling fixture, air swept volume: 430m³/h, dust bin: 50 litres
  • Arrestor small version mounted on clamping beam, as a support for small and medium sized products in steps of 165 mm, 365 mm and 665 mm supporting
  • Arrestor full size version mounted at machine frame; arrestor stepless height adjustable within setting range of 500 mm up to approx. 1.500 mm; suitable for medium sized and full-sized products
  • Signal horn (Acoustical signal at the end or the bending process)
  • Extension arms for bending flange (Optimized support of medium sized or full-sized products during bending 5 pcs.)
  • Contact heated tool 20 x 40 mm, flat, to process PVC, PC, ABS, PMMA
  • Contact heated tool, v-shaped to produce bending angles ≠ 90° e.g. 45° or 60°
  • Software modification, for leg lengths > 1m
  • Carrying beam for upper or/and lower heating element BM 306A (We recommend to have a carrying beam for each heating element used to allow an easy installation and/or exchange)
  • Special energy supply
  • Special paintwork if the RAL colour is specified


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Technical Data

BM x06A
Machine Length (mm) 4,300
Machine Width (mm) 2,000
Machine Height (mm) 1,650
Total Weight (kg) 2,500
Max. working width (mm) 3,050
Panel thickness (mm) 3 to 30
Min. bending angle
Max. bending angle 95°
Min. channel cross section
with clamping beam:
Inside dimension 175 x 175 mm
(assumes a square channel with four sides of equal length whose open end is closed by means of a if operated with clamping beam: downstream 90° weld)

Inside Dimension 350 x 350 mm (when bending for welding outside the 4th edge, e.g. butt welds on a WEGENER butt welding machine).

The min. channel cross-sections of the butt welding machine also have to be taken into account.
Min. channel cross-section
when using the vacuum clamping system option and residual clamping length reduction:
Inside Dimension: 85 x 85 mm (remaining clamping length)
Min. remaining clamping length: 175 mm (= remaining clamping length needed to clamp the panels in the machine; standard design)

85 mm with the vacuum clamping system option and residual clamping length reduction
Clamping force (at 8 bars in N): 7,250
Clamping areas: 1
Power Supply: 230/400 V 3/N/PE, 50/60 HZ
Power Consumption (kW) 7.5
Compressed air connection (bar): 8.0
min. Restklemmlänge (mm) 150
Heating Element top
(teflon coated Tmax = 260° C)
40 x 45 mm, 86°
Heating Element bottom
(teflon coated Tmax = 260° C)
20 x 40 mm, blunt

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