Product Specific


Debeading system


  • Automatic bead separating device to remove weld beads from butt welding processes.
  • Upper and lower weld beads from panel butt welding are removed simultaneously in one operation
  • The machine type is suitable as a stand-alone solution or for use in a production line downstream from the butt welding process.
  • If installed in line downstream from a WEGENER butt welding machine, the bead is severed at the same time as the welding process. In this case the machine is mounted on a rail system that allows the bead separating device to be positioned depending on the panel length (bead distance)
  • To remove weld beads on butt welded PE, PP and UHMW-PE panels or boards
  • The board edge is detected by an optical sensor
  • Clearly structured and well-laid-out user concept
  • Top-quality welded machine frame adapted to the relevant stresses

Range of Application:

Debeading system for butt welds


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Technical Data

Control Siemens PLC
Positioning Range 1,500 mm, pneumatically clamped, mechanically synchronized (other positioning on request)
Working Width available working width:
3,100 mm
4,100 mm
5,100 mm
Drive Tool 2 3-phase-motor FU-controlled
Tool 30 mm blade width
Material Identification optoelectronic
Vertical shaft 50 mm 1 Stroke, pneumatically linear guided
Horizontal shaft linear guided, spindle or chain drived, shaft joined
3 Meter-Version (LxWxH) 4,500 mm x 2,000 mm x 1,300 mm
4 Meter-Version (LxWxH) 5,500 mm x 2,000 mm x 1,300 mm
5 Meter-Version (LxWxH) 6,500 mm x 2,000 mm x 1,300 mm
Power 230 V N/PE 50 Hz
Air 8 bar

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