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DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies, 2015 English Edition

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Model Airtherm hot air welding gun with self-contained blower.  Standard features include: electronically controlled temperature system which is adjustable from ambient to 1100°F in order to accommodate all types of thermoplastic materials, control board with built-in sensor to prevent heating element burn-outs, plug-in type heating element for easy replacement, motor brushes can be easily checked or changed without opening the gun.

Includes a 120V/1300W heating element.  Suitable for connection to a standard 120V AC electrical outlet. Unit is supplied with adaptor nozzle to accommodate WEGENER welding tips. Nozzles for overlap welding also available.

AirthermTechnical Data

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  • Power Supply: 120 VAC
    (230V available upon request)
  • Power Consumption: 1300W