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DVS Book Available DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies 2017 English Edition. Click here for table of contents.

DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies, 2017 English Edition
Welding Tips

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Round Nossle

RD free hand/fan welding tip

HD tacking tip for tack welding to keep parts aligned and in place prior to applying a weld bead

High Speed Nossle

SSD high speed welding tip, match rod diameter SSD 3 = 1/8” SSD 4 = 5/32”, SSD 5 = 3/16" SSD 6 = 1/4”

Combo Nossle

SSD/HD combination high speed/tacking tip, match rod diameter SSD/HD 3=1/8”, SSD/HD 4=5/32”, SSD/HD 5=3/16”

SSD/HD-OS combination high speed/tacking tip, mostly preferred for fluoropolymer materials, match rod diameter SSD/HD-OS 3=1/8”, SSD/HD-OS 4=5/32”

SSD-OS high speed welding tip, mostly preferred for fluoropolymer materials, match rod diameter SSD-OS 3=1/8”, SSD-OS 4=5/32”

SSD/WL high speed tip for cap strip rod (steel roller)
18 mm = 5/8” wide

SSD/WL-G high speed tip with guide for cap strip rod
18 mm = 5/8” wide, with guide

SSD/Roller high speed tip with roller, match rod
diameter 3 = 1/8” or 4 = 5/32”

Our regular SSD tips are available as angled tips, specify size 1/8” or 5/32”, 45º either angled left or right

SSD/Profile high speed tip for triangular welding rod specify rod size
.175 Tri #9 (TIPTR3)
1/8” MW #1 (TIPTR3)
1/8” MWK #5 (TIPTR3)
.236 Tri #10 (TIPTR4)
5/32” MW#2 (TIPTR4)
5/32” MWK #6 (TIPTR4)
.275 Tri #11 (TIPTR5)
3/16” MW #3 (TIPTRBM)
3/16” MWK #7 (TIPTR5)
1/4” MW #4 (TIPTRUPF)
1/4" MWK #8 (TIPTR1/4)