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New Edition! - DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies 2015 English Edition. Click here for table of contents.

DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies, 2015 English Edition
Welding Tips

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Round Nossle

RD free hand/fan welding tip

HD tacking tip for tack welding to keep parts aligned and in place prior to applying a weld bead

High Speed Nossle

SSD high speed welding tip, match rod diameter SSD 3 = 1/8” SSD 4 = 5/32”, SSD 5 = 3/16" SSD 6 = 1/4”

Combo Nossle

SSD/HD combination high speed/tacking tip, match rod diameter SSD/HD 3=1/8”, SSD/HD 4=5/32”, SSD/HD 5=3/16”

SSD/HD-OS combination high speed/tacking tip, mostly preferred for fluoropolymer materials, match rod diameter SSD/HD-OS 3=1/8”, SSD/HD-OS 4=5/32”

SSD-OS high speed welding tip, mostly preferred for fluoropolymer materials, match rod diameter SSD-OS 3=1/8”, SSD-OS 4=5/32”

SSD/WL high speed tip for cap strip rod (steel roller)
18 mm = 5/8” wide

SSD/WL-G high speed tip with guide for cap strip rod
18 mm = 5/8” wide, with guide

SSD/Roller high speed tip with roller, match rod
diameter 3 = 1/8” or 4 = 5/32”

Our regular SSD tips are available as angled tips, specify size 1/8” or 5/32”, 45º either angled left or right

SSD/Profile high speed tip for triangular welding rod specify rod size
.175 Tri #9 (TIPTR3)
1/8” MW #1 (TIPTR3)
1/8” MWK #5 (TIPTR3)
.236 Tri #10 (TIPTR4)
5/32” MW#2 (TIPTR4)
5/32” MWK #6 (TIPTR4)
.275 Tri #11 (TIPTR5)
3/16” MW #3 (TIPTRBM)
3/16” MWK #7 (TIPTR5)
1/4” MW #4 (TIPTRUPF)
1/4" MWK #8 (TIPTR1/4)