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DVS Book Available DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies 2017 English Edition. Click here for table of contents.

DVS Technical Codes on Plastics Joining Technologies, 2017 English Edition
Model ST

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The ST Machine range represents the economic alternative to the Wegener butt welding technology. This welding machine, which has a proven track record, is of heavy duty welded steel construction with solid and precision guided machine tables, appropriate for sheet thicknesses of 1/8" to 1" (3 to 25mm) and a working width range of 2 to 6 m(78" - 236").

It goes without saying that the economic model ST is also provided with the patented Wegener parallel mechanism for the machine table drive, thus allowing for a quality and process optimized welding process. The machine controls are easy to operate with the Siemens S7-200 touch screen controller; welding pressures, temperatures and process times are comfortably set manually via the control panel.

To view a comparison of technical data for hot plate/sheet butt welders up to 4 m(157"), please click here.

Model STKey Features

  • Patented mechanical synchronization of the working tables; a novelty to achieve a homogeneous application of pressure in the weld seam area
  • Process forces regulated via proportional valve
  • Siemens S7-200 control system with 5.7" full graphics touch screen
  • Machine design based on a sturdy welded framework construction. All of the machine's components are matched to the relevant load case to ensure the top quality welding of plastics
  • Welding tables in composite construction to eliminate torsion stresses and provide stiffness
  • Pneumatics equipped with maintenance friendly valve clusters of the latest generation
  • Integrated and highly dynamic electronic heating element temperature control
  • Flexibility to end or stop the process times during the welding cycle
  • Robust and in the clamping bar integrated non-rotating clamping feet
  • High quantity of decoupled and anti-twist protected clamping feet in order to match perfectly to each sheet length
  • Highly flexible suspension of clamping feet for secure fixation of sheet adjacent to the welding area
  • Interpretation of the max. machines forces on an 8 bar compressed air supply
  • Ergonomic cleaning position for the heating sword
  • Ergonomic working table height


  • Height adjustable clamping beams ” two steps to process sheet thicknesses ‹ 1” (25mm) PE/PP; twin-wall-sheets up to 2 ” (58mm)
  • Extension arms
  • Automatic locking of clamping beams
  • Material property dataset (parameter) with automated choice of specific welding pressure, temperature and times